MediGYM Fitness Center For 50 Ages

For all senior adults with or without having difficulties, our fitness center will put you back on the healthy track. In case you have such difficulties as diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, or suffered a stroke, we are able to put you back together once more.


You do not must worry about your health...we do it for you. The worrying, which is. The exercise and fitness is up to you. Our mission and aim is usually to assist the older public turn out to be healthier. We customize a fitness program just for you!

We take you by way of the rigors of conditioning your body back to where it was at it's peak. You will be able to function also as you did when you had been a teenager. You will be in the finest shape of one's life.

MediGYM is located the Spit Junction, Mosman (Sydney), Australia. Servicing Mosman, Balmoral, Cremorne and Neutral Bay. Our exercise program is geared to 50 plus individuals who wish to stay in ideal well being.


We customize an physical exercise program just for you. Whatever troubles you may have we take them into account when we create your personalized program. The following are taken into consideration when we make your program:

•    Individual’s assessment

•    Diagnosis

•    Desired objectives

When we have all of the facts, we generate and implement the great program that will bring you back to optimal wellness and fitness.

MediGYM has the equipment you must preserve your body in excellent working order. Using the program in particular designed for you, Monte and his staff will work with you till you realize the way to do all the workouts and use the training tools. They're firm believers of “it’s in no way too late” to obtain your body in the finest shape it’s ever been.

They've a total fitness center that is supervised at all occasions. As the entire team works with every person, your coaching becomes simpler to complete while your well being improves having a diet program particularly designed for you. Our objective is always to make you stronger and healthier with a total workout created for you.

MediGYM have various programs distinct for the older generation for instance osteoporosis, diabetes, and heart conditions. It is possible to be assured MediGYM will work with you to make your life less difficult to deal with aging issues.

About MediGYM

Founded by Monte Elissa to help change the way the seniors lives their life. Monte is passionate about wellness for the 50 ages. He feels you may live a full energetic life loaded with enthusiasm and energy.

Monte and his staff of extremely trained experts, function to make a balance of fitness, workout physiology, physiotherapy, massage, and holistic health care. They offer you the tools to fight obesity, diabetes, and osteoporosis, amongst other services they give.

The whole team works with every person to make sure you receive all of the appropriate tools and training utilizing their combined years of expertise. MediGYM is regarded as the frontline of defense against aging. They're also the frontrunners in all of the most recent tactics in exercises, coaching, and holistic health.

They will enable you to condition your body to the peak of fitness and well being. They're dedicated to providing the challenge to 50 plus persons to commit to greater wellness.

If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied they are going to give you 100% refund. It is possible to get in touch with Monte directly at 9960 6166 or email him on



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